It started with 4 people who have worked in various industries gathered and expressed the desire to introduce Indonesian commodities with a sustainable system that not only preserves the environment but also raises the standard of living of Indonesian farmers. Hence, PT. Adhigana Catur Global was established.


“Adhigana” means a superior group, “Catur” means four, and “Global” means worldwide. As the name implies, PT. Adhigana Catur Global will endeavour to ensure that we only provide superior products from Indonesia and strive to constantly support local farmers to thrive and compete in the global market. 

Company MISSION, vision, and value

Why We Exist: Our Mission

“Making people’s lives better through increasing productivity and delivering Indonesian commodities to the global market”. 

What We Want to Accomplish: Our Vision

“Being a leading and reliable export company adding sustainable value to stakeholders”

How We Will Do it: Our Value

our factory

Leadership team